Monday, 13 January 2014

13 January 2014 Homework

Don't do the Worksheet given as you will be given time to do it tomorrow

Update the mind map ( final version )
Finish the Science Waves Worksheet 1 [ Tomorrow ]
Finish the Science Homework on Waves Worksheet [ Thursday ]

Look up the words on chapter [ Tomorrow ]


- Colour paper, newspaper [last year, Bryan, Nimalan]
- Scissors/Pen Knife (EVERYONE - A MUST)
- Glue/tape (Double sided and masking especially) and blue tack [CN]
- More pushpins (Victoria)
- Paper plates (of many sizes, or just one.) [Bryan - 27]
- Markers
- Glitter (Victoria :D)
- A lot of paint (Especially black, white, blue, orange, beige, green and red) [Laviin, Claire, Jer En]
- String/Twine/Raffia [Ravern]
- Plastic sheets (decorated and clear) [PL and Victoria]
- Green recycling bags (like the kinds distributed to flats for recycling)
- Or just anything that can help as we really don’t have anything to start with.

- Styrofoam (Provided by PL)

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