Monday, 13 January 2014

Seating Arrangement for Term 1 (2014)

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Appended above is the new seating arrangement for Term 1 of 2014. Please follow this from tomorrow (14 Jan 2014).

Please note the following very important points regarding this seating arrangement:

1.  Some of you were anxious to know why the new seating arrangement got you new neighbours, so please go through the points (a-c) under CONSIDERATIONS below.


a. Physical needs (height, eyesight, etc.)
b. Learning needs (peer support, peer motivation, etc.)
c. Classroom Environment (acceptance of diversity in terms of personality, race, culture, beliefs, practices, etc.)

3. No suggestions for any change to the above seating plan will be entertained unless the potential benefit(s) is / are for the whole class and not for an individual.

Apart from the points mentioned above, please also note that all excess chairs and tables in any group must be pushed to a corner at the back of the classroom, and then arranged neatly.


Miss Esha

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