Tuesday, 22 April 2014

22 April 2014 Homework

 Draw 4 triangles with the following dimensions : (3cm,4cm,5cm),(30º,7cm,50º),(6cm,40º,5cm) and (70º,30º,4cm) by [ Tomorrow ]

 Complete the 2013 Common Test paper on Biology by [ Thursday ]

Integrated Humanities
Note : There will be a debate between people with odd register numbers and even register numbers on what led to the victory of the British people ; the weak control of the Mughal emperors(odd register numbers) or the strength of the British(even register numbers). on [ Friday ]

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
 Refine your company's details by [ Next Tuesday ]

If there is something that I missed or if there is a mistake that I had made, please feel free to comment on the post that was made or on the Facebook group.

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