Thursday, 23 October 2014

Group Reflection (Bryan Chang, Jian Qing, Jer En, Sandeep)

Challenges faced
Noisy class, Keeping up with peers in grades and time management

2 Shortcomings
Class is not united and difficult to manage class

2 Positive Traits
Quick learners and good grades

How to overcome shortcomings
More bonding activities and keep class quiet

Group Reflection - Victoria, Bhakti, Chin Ning, Pei Ling

1]  Challenges faced as a class
>we cannot form groups when needed
>there is a lot of discrimination as a class

2] 2 shortcomings of this class
>because of the natural leadership everyone has, many of our thoughts clashes
>we are very noisy and uncooperative

3] 2 positive traits of this class
>we are leaders - we are all independent
>we are unique individuals

4] How to overcome the shortcomings
>let everyone have their turn - assign particular leaders for assignments and not have spontaneous decision making etc.

Group Reflection - Ravern, Siting, Kevyn, Claire and Yadunand

Challenges Faced:
- Decision making
- Group bonding

2 Shortcomings of this class
- Class lacks chemistry
- Class not enthusiastic

2 Positive traits of this class
- Motivated to do well
- Contributes so many ideas, which are unfortunately shot down by Yadunand's rifle

How to overcome the shortcomings
- Well, we can't, we have 5 hours left